Autism and Play Therapy: ASD in the Playroom


(Non-contact) 120 minutes = 2 NBCC hours

Presenter: Heather Christensen, LCSW, RPT-S, LCADC.

Play therapy can be an effective intervention in working with children on the autism spectrum. A brief review of the recent ASD changes to the DSM and its impact to our clinical work will be discussed. Expanding one’s understandings of play variations in children with ASD, as well as enhancing one’s ability to identify those on the spectrum while evaluating their functioning, are goals of this webinar. Common treatment goals most often related to social thinking will be presented. ABA and sensory integration therapies will be reviewed. The focus of the webinar will center on play-based therapies including DIR Floor time, Replay, and Autplay. Many play-based tips, suggestions, and ideas will be offered to promote progressive play in the playroom.



Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguish between neurotypical play and atypical play
  • Understand the complexity of social thinking in play therapy
  • Identify three play-based therapies in play therapy