Stop it! Should I bully and tease or just be sarcastic? Does this have any relationship to Play Therapy?


1 CE (Non-Contact)

Presenter: Allan Gonsher, LSCSW, RPT/S

Many of our children are bullied and teased at school. As clinicians, we need to distinguish between bullying, teasing, and being sarcastic in play therapy. Too often children end up tattling and blaming which creates additional problems for all involved. When all these sensitive behaviors take place, we miss opportunities to help children focus on building a strong self-esteem in order to navigate these aggressive behaviors.


Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn definitions for bullying, teasing, sarcasm, and tattling in play therapy
  • Participants will discover the relationship between a strong self-esteem and bullying, teasing, and sarcasm in play therapy
  • Illustration of Play therapy on these topics in the play room will be presented

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