Parenting in 2021


(Non-Contact) 60 Mins=1 NBCC hour

Allan Gonsher, LIMHP, LCSW, RPT-S

Before the pandemic we parents/clinicians struggled with parenting…..electronics, bedtime….or even homework. Comes covid and EVERYTHING is flipped upside down. Allan has solutions. Old school, practical, realistic ways to help your children grow up to be independent, responsible, and creative. Tune in to learn a theory of parenting, an analysis of key parenting moments, and suggestions of concrete, time proven, successful techniques to implement in your family/practice with clients. After 45 years of suggesting this approach with his clients and 1000’s implementing it successfully, one cannot argue with success.



  1. Learn a theory of parenting that WORKS
  2. Implement techniques that WORK
  3. Learn how to raise independent, responsible, creative children