The 10 Myths of Child & Play Therapy


(Non-Contact) 60 Mins=1 NBCC hour

1 CE Allan Gonsher, LIMHP, LCSW, RPT-S

  1. Children need to leave your office “happy”
  2. Clients canNOT be angry (therapeutically) with the therapist
  3. One does NOT need 100 miniatures for sand work.
  4. More toys/techniques is best
  5. Gender questioning is NOT gender confusion
  6. We need to entertain our clients
  7. In divorce cases we do NOT need to engage the “other” parent
  8. HIPPA laws define my practice
  9. Child/Play therapy does NOT include parenting
  10. Counter-transference is  “bad”

Over 40+ years of practicing ALL of the above myths need to be discussed. Spend some time listening to some thoughts about how to view the above situations in a different light. Be challenged!!!  Think instead of doing!!! Connect with like minded professionals.



  1. Learn 10 myths of Child/play therapy
  2. Learn approaches on how to “recalibrate” these myths to be successful
  3. Be challenged in your thinking