Play Therapy Anxiety Specialization


Anxiety can have an overwhelming control over one’s life. For children it is sometimes misdiagnosed and often difficult to identify. Professionals need to be trained to not only know what is the foundation, whether it be biological, emotional, or genetic, but also be able to “treat” or manage it. Many professionals simply practice a technique driven approach to helping children with anxiety. We at Kids-Inc believe providing a theoretical understanding of Anxiety AND an Evidenced Based Approach is the most successful approach for this population. A specialization in anxiety and Play Therapy is a must in today’s world of therapy. Join us in helping children!

Program Includes:

One hour of one on one consultation and 15 CE hours (listed below) 900 minutes = 15 NBCC hours

  • Interventions For Anxiety In The Classroom -1 CE
  • Assessment And Anxiety Of Children -2 CEs
  • Fear And Anxiety In The Playroom -2 CEs
  • Anxiety, Children and Play Therapy -1 CE
  • Treatment of Childhood Anxiety: Fortified with CBT and DBT Techniques -2 CEs
  • Limit Setting in the Play Room: Play Therapy has a lot to say about Boundaries-1 CE
  • Techniques In Play Therapy: Know How To Be Creative In Play Therapy-2 CEs
  • ADHD, Select Mutism, Oppositionality, And More -2 CEs
  • Mindfulness and Play Therapy: 2 CEs

At the end of the program, professionals will earn a “Certificate of Completion” in this Specialization area.