Foundations in Play Therapy Techniques


Program Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mental Health, Education or Related Field
  • Approved application with essay
  • $50 non-refundable application fee (fee is applied to cost of program).  $50 non-refundable application fee can be used as Kids Inc. store credit if the complete program isn’t a perfect fit!

$599 Program Includes:

25 CE hours (listed below) 1,500 minutes = 25 NBCC hours

  • Theories In Play Therapy: Psychoanalytic, Jungian, Release Play Therapy – 2 CEs
  • Theories in Play Therapy: Non-directive, Filial, and Relationship Play Therapy – 2 CEs
  • Theories in Play Therapy: Gestalt, Adlerian, and Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy – 2 CEs
  • The Doll and the Doll House – 1 CE
  • Using a Potpourri of Play Therapy Techniques – 1 CE
  • How is ‘Being Mean’ Played Out in Play Therapy – 1CE
  • Death and Play Therapy – 1 CE
  • Enuresis/Encopresis in Play Therapy – 1 CE
  • Helping Children With Social Skills Deficits – 2 CEs
  • Play Therapy and the Playroom: Getting the Most Out of Your Play Room – 2 CEs
  • Play Therapy and all the ‘inappropriate’ behavior of kids in the Play Room – 1 CE
  • Play Therapy Techniques: Using The Ball And The Phone – 1 CE
  • Mad, Sad, Glad – Play Therapy and Countertransference 1 CE
  • The 10 Second Commercial, Silence, And Soft Moments… New Techniques In Play Therapy – 1 CE
  • Food, Playing House, The Popcorn Walk, What is “Nurturing” in Play Therapy? – 1 CE
  • The Screaming of Toys!! Clay vs. Play Dough in Play Therapy 1 CE
  • Stop it! Should I bully and tease or just be sarcastic? Does this have any relationship to Play Therapy? – 1 CE
  • Technique II: “The Window” Hoops, Cars, Monsters, and more techniques in Play Therapy – 1 CE
  • Get Moving: Play Therapy for Boys and Active Children – 1 CE
  • The Holidays: Using Play Therapy to Help Children Deal with the Holidays – 1 CE

At the end of the program, professionals will earn a “Certificate of Completion” in the Foundations of Play Therapy.

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