Play Therapy Techniques Specialization

Techniques, techniques, techniques…..that’s all we hear today. Go to Pinterest, Facebook,, listen to a podcast or read a blog……EVERYONE is interested in actively giving suggestions, promoting their “unique” approach, and/or trying to convince us that their particular technique is “the” one to use with this type of child. KIDS-INC believes a technique needs to have a theoretical understanding and approach for the child/family BEFORE s/he implements a technique. This specialization in Technique in Play Therapy provides those who work with children the tools to not only understand their child, but know which techniques, based on Evidence Based Practices, one should use.

Program Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Mental Health, Education or Related Field
  • Approved application with essay (click HERE for application)
  • $50 non-refundable application fee (fee is applied to cost of specialization). The $50 non-refundable application fee can be used as Kids Inc. store credit if the complete program isn’t a perfect fit!

$580-Get our Specialization Program for just $450

Program Includes:

1. One hour of one on one consultation with a program director

2. 15 CE hours (listed below)  900 minutes = 15 NBCC hours

  • Top 3 Presenting Problems for Play Therapy-2 CEs
  • The Beginning, Middle and Ends of Play Therapy-2 CEs
  • Stop it! Should I bully and tease or just be sarcastic? Does this have any relationship to Play Therapy?-1 CE
  • Using a Potpourri of Play Therapy Techniques-1 CE
  • Food, Playing House, The Popcorn Walk, What is “Nurturing” in Play Therapy?-1 CE
  • Play Therapy Techniques: Using The Ball And The Phone-1 CE
  • Termination In Play Therapy-1 CE
  • Technique II: “The Window” Hoops, Cars, Monsters, and more techniques in Play Therapy-1 CE
  • The 10 Second Commercial, Silence, And Soft Moments… New Techniques In Play Therapy-1 CE
  • The Paradigm Of The Beginnings Work With Clients In Play Therapy The First Contact-2 CEs
  • Autism and Play Therapy: ASD in the Playroom-2 CEs

3. Book: The Administrative Challenges of (Play) Therapy

4. 5 Hours of Bonus Webinars (Topics of your choice)

At the end of the program, professionals will earn a “Certificate of Completion” in this Specialization area.

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