Play Therapy Divorce Specialization

Over the last several decades with the increase of Divorce, we have learned about the powerful impact it has had on children. Isolation, confusion, academic challenges, abuse, and custody struggles are a few, that a Child Health Professional needs to address. Not only is it important to understand the theoretical underpinnings of divorce, but also to appreciate the dynamics and dramatics that are played out with ALL parties. Many of the webinars dealing with these germane topics will provide successful, engaging, creative Evidenced Based Practices. Learn how to navigate this changing field of divorce. A specialization in Play Therapy as it is related to Divorce will provide a competency needed to help these children.

Program Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Mental Health, Education or Related Field
  • Approved application with essay (click HERE for application)
  • $50 non-refundable application fee (fee is applied to cost of specialization).  The $50 non-refundable application fee can be used as Kids Inc. store credit if the complete program isn’t a perfect fit!

$580-Get our Specialization Program for just $450

Program Includes:

1. One hour of one on one consultation with a program director

2. 14 CE hours (listed below)-840 minutes = 14 NBCC hours

  • Parents, Caregivers, Foster Care And Adoption In Play Therapy: Divorce And Stepfamilies-2 CEs
  • In the Eye of the Storm: The Play Therapist and Divorce -1 CE
  • Divorce and Play Therapy….The Real Challenge for Parents….Divorce and Play
    Therapy…..The Real Challenge for Children-1 CE
  • Divorce And Children-1 CE
  • The Playroom: “Navigating the Challenges of Using a Therapeutic Space-2 CEs
  • Kids Who Come Into The Playroom: Anger In The Playroom-2 CEs
  • Bringing Fun Into The Home Using Play Therapy Techniques And Interventions With Families-2 CEs
  • Non-Traditional Families and Their Caregivers: Divorce and Step-Families in Play Therapy-2 CEs
  • How is ‘Being Mean’ Played Out in Play Therapy-1 CE

3. Book: The Administrative Challenges of (Play) Therapy

4. 5 Hours of Bonus Webinars (Topics of your choice)

At the end of the program, professionals will earn a “Certificate of Completion” in this Specialization area.

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