Help! How can play therapists, parents, and school districts work together to support a child with possible developmental/academic delays?


(Non-Contact) 120 mins=2 NBCC hours

Presenter: Barb McMahill & Mendy Chandler

Many times a play therapist is the first professional a child sees.  S/he may notice developmental and/or academic delays. How can the therapist connect with the school professionals? How does this connecting begin even before children are “school-age”?.  This webinar will provide information on detecting, assessing, and treating a child with delays. This webinar will outline how to partner with a school district and the parents.




  1. Participants will learn about the signs of developmental and/or academic delays and its relationship to Play Therapy. 
  2. Participants will learn how to help parents deal with news of developmental and/or academic delays and incorporate activities viz a viz play therapy.
  3. Participants will learn how to partner with the school, teachers, play therapist, parents and child once an educational delay has been diagnosed. 
  4. Participants will learn that some educational delays may not be apparent and or detected/diagnosed until later in a child’s academic career by either the school district or partnering with the play therapist.

Barb McMahill has been a teacher for 27 years, 5 years in special education, 18 years at the 5th grade level and 4 years at the 6th grade level and 10 years teaching night class at the college level. She has her undergraduate from Missouri Western and her Master’s from Avila University.