(LIVE) Play Therapy Techniques: More Toys One Can Use


LIVE Nov 27, 2018 7:00-9:00 PM CST

(Contact)-2 CEUs. Presenter: Dianna Green
Understanding the” role” of the basic “tools” in the playroom is essential to the play therapist. In play therapy, taking an in-depth look at the most frequently used and agreed upon toys in the play space, a traveling play bag or fixed playroom, and the symbolic meaning of toys are all significant discussions related to the therapeutic growth of children. Toys to be examined include the ball, art supplies, board games, sand, chalkboard, and puppets.

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Learning Objectives:
Learn the role of toys in the play space
Discuss the various uses of these identified toys in aiding children in growth
Understand the theoretical placement and value of selected toys in play therapy”