Being Culturally Competent with Children and Families in Play Therapy

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(Non-Contact) 2 CEs Presenter: Sabra Starnes

Play therapy is practiced among various cultures using an assortment of techniques and activities. Being culturally competent is essential to working with children and families. Play therapists must first fully understand the concept of culture and its potential impact on their own lives, the lives of their clients, and the play therapy process. By being aware of cultural issues enhances a child’s pride and preserves his/her culture. Discussion of transference and countertransference in the therapeutic relationship will also be discussed.



Learning Objectives:

1. Define being A culturally competent play therapist.
2. Understand the concept of culture and its potential impact on the play therapy process.
3. Discuss culturally-based qualities play therapists must have for successful client-centered approaches
4. Explore play therapy techniques and activities to use with all children and families