50 Non-Contact Hours: 50 Package


Earn 50 CEUs, to use towards your Registered Play Therapist credential! Allan M. Gonsher, Founder & CEO of Kids Inc, has developed an online play therapy training program that you can take from the comfort of your own home. Former students love that they can take webinars online. Our quality program is based on ethics and theory. Our faculty is comprised of highly experienced, talented and engaging professionals in their field.

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Webinars must be completed by the end of 2020. A maximum of eight hours of instruction per day will be accepted by the Association for Play Therapy. Update: You Will Only Receive CE Credit from the APT-Association for Play Therapy until April 30, 2020



  • Play Therapy Ethics: The History and Background-2 CEs
  • Play Therapy and Ethical Fitness-2 CEs
  • Play Therapy: Ethical Problem Solving Models-2 CEs
  • Practical Applications of Ethics in Play therapy-2 CEs

Stages of Therapy:

  • The “Beginning” Stages of Play Therapy: The First Contact-2 CEs
  • The “Beginning” Stages of Play Therapy: The Actual Contact-2 CEs
  • The “Beginnings” in Play Therapy: The First Session-2 CEs
  • Play Therapy-Middles: The “Working stage” of Assessment, Observation, and Treatment Goals-2 CEs
  • Play Therapy-Middles: The Working Stage, Dependency and Therapeutic Growth-2 CEs
  • Play Therapy-Middles: Issues and Problems in the “middle” stages of Play Therapy-2 CEs
  • Play Therapy-Middles: in Play Therapy: Parent Involvement-2 CEs
  • Play Therapy: Preparing for Termination on Day 1: Abrupt Terminations-2 CEs
  • Terminations in Play Therapy: How does a clinician know when a child is ready for termination and how do I begin?-2 CEs
  • Termination in Play Therapy: Phases of Termination in Play Therapy-2 CEs
  • Terminations in Play Therapy: The Day of Termination- Activities-2 CEs

Kids in Therapy:

  • Kids Who Come to Play Therapy: Depression in the Play Room-2 CEs
  • Kids Who Come to Play Therapy: Anger in the Play Room-2 CEs
  • Kids Who Come to Play Therapy: Fear and Anxiety in the Play Room-2 CEs
  • Kids Who Come to Play Therapy: ADHD, Select Mutism, oppositionality and more in the Play Room-2 CEs


  • Doll House in EMDR & in Play Therapy-1 CE
  • The Doll and the Doll House in Play Therapy-1 CE
  • Using a Potpourri of Play Therapy Techniques-1 CE
  • How is ‘Being Mean’ Played Out in Play Therapy-1 CE
  • Death and Play Therapy-1 CE
  • Enuresis/Encopresis in Play Therapy-1 CE
  • Play Therapy and all the ‘inappropriate’ behavior of kids in the Play Room-1 CE
  • Play Therapy Techniques: Using the Ball and the Phone-1 CE
  • Mad, Sad, Glad – Play Therapy and Countertransference-1 CE
  • The 10 Second Commercial, Silence, and Soft Moments… New techniques in Play Therapy-1 CE
  • Stop it! Should I bully and tease or just be sarcastic? Does this have any relationship to Play Therapy?- 1 CE
  • Technique II: “The Window” Hoops, Cars, Monsters, and more techniques in Play Therapy-1 CE