Play Therapy with Children with ASD (2 CEUs)


(Non-Contact)-2 CEs. Presenter: Dr. Whitehead

1 in 88 children are diagnosed with ASD, with males being diagnosed more than females (1:54 vs. 1:252). In addition, many children with ASD do not play in a manner that is beneficial to their development, may engage in inflexible, repetitive play patterns, may not exhibit symbolic or pretend play, and may not develop play scripts or understand the scripts of other children. Given this, it is important for clinicians to really understand the dynamics and symptoms of ASD, and learn creative ways to incorporate play therapy, and work with families of children with ASD.



  • Identify and review symptoms of ASD
  • Discuss benefits of play therapy for children with ASD
  • Review various play therapy interventions
  • Identify play therapy tips for parents

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