Play Therapy and Counter-Transference: The Practical Applications and the “Ugliness” of It


Previously Recorded- (Non-Contact) 2CEs.

Presenter: Amanda Gurock.

To appreciate Jung and Freud and their discussions of the “Archetype” are part of this webinar. This background helps in knowing how to function as a play therapist. When trying to understand and define countertransference, we often want to “know what to do”. Once a clinician can define, become aware of, and process it, the ability to function in a playroom becomes much more successful. The Practical application of countertransference and play therapy is a complicated phenomenon.



Learning Objectives:

  • Define archetype and its relationship to Jung and Freud
  • Define Countertransference and its relationship with play therapy
  • Evaluate practical applications of countertransference in play therapy