(Live) Play Therapy and Interactive Activities (2 CEUs)


LIVE Dec. 11, 2018 7:00-9:00 PM CST

2 CEUs (Contact)

Presenter: Tali Arieff

Many clinicians are seeking specific techniques they can use to help children who display deficits in a variety of areas. This webinar will teach play therapy activities that draw on a variety of theoretical frameworks. Toys and techniques utilized include but are not limited to sand, arts and crafts, ball, toy weapons, doll house and play figures, and many more. Therapists will gain insight into the child’s experience of these play therapy techniques as a means of communication and self-expression, resulting in clinical progress.



Therapist will gain an understanding of use of representative toys such as mini- figures, weapons, puppets etc. in play therapy.

Therapists will learn directive and non-directive play therapy techniques that promote self- expression and emotional- processing in children.

Therapists will learn directive and non- directive play therapy techniques that can be effectively utilized for behavioral modification and promoting emotional self-regulation.