Tragedy, Destructive Politics and Anger: How Does That Affect Children Who Come To A Play Therapist? by Allan Gonsher


(Non-Contact) 60 minutes = 1 NBCC hour

Presenter: Allan Gonsher, LSCSW, RPT-S

In today’s world where there is tragedy, destructive politics, and anger it will, of course, impact our children.  Whether these are issues which cause the children to be referred to our offices ( the presenting problem) or they are simply the atmosphere that impacts our children’s lives, we Play Therapists need to be understanding, objective, and practical. This webinar will address issues that touch children’s lives, discuss the theoretical challenges children and clinicians must address, explore counter-transferential issues, and provide practical play therapy techniques to help our client population.



1) Participants will identify 3 theoretical challenges to the atmosphere in which children live.
2)  Provide play therapy discussion on the impact of tragedy, destructive politics and anger have on families and children
3)  Learn 5 Play Therapy techniques to help clinicians help children and families ease their concerns.