Termination In Play Therapy: Preparing For Termination


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Presenter: Tammi Van Hollander, LCSW, RPT.
Termination can be difficult for play therapists, the family and the client. Even the word “termination” can evoke an array of feelings about the therapeutic relationship. This webinar will address when to recognize, plan, and set goals for ending play therapy with a client. When ending therapy, preparation is a crucial aspect to the therapeutic process. You will learn the different types of terminations and how to best be prepared for the “unexpected.” You will learn how to collaborate with the parents and client to prepare for closure from the beginning of therapy. Goodbyes are also difficult for the therapist and we need to have our own process of “letting go” and celebrating the successes our clients have made. This webinar will address our own counter transference and vulnerabilities of terminating the therapeutic relationships and how we need to practice our own self-care.

Update: You Will Only Receive CE Credit from the APT-Association for Play Therapy until April 30, 2020


Learning Objectives:
Learn a working definition of Termination in play therapy
Learn how to identify when to terminate with a play therapy client
Discover how to set goals and plan for the final session in play therapy
Learn the different types of terminations in play therapy

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