Sand Work with Adolescents and Adults in Play Therapy


Previously Recorded (Non-Contact) 1 CE.

Presenter: Cindy Lee, LCSW, RPT-S.

Sand Work is a combination of what you already know and love about sand tray and play therapy but adds a twist from Jungian psychology. Adolescents and adults are adept at addressing their painful experiences from the thinking part of the brain (frontal lobes). Sand Work allows adolescents and adults to go deeper then what they already know by symbolically creating within the sand thereby offering opportunity for new insight and growth. In Sand Work the repressed material moves from the unconscious to a conscious awareness where the client can confront it, learn from it, and make choice what to do with it. How to apply Jungian Play Therapy theory to work in the sand and the role of the therapist in Sand Work will be explored.

Update: You Will Only Receive CE Credit from the APT-Association for Play Therapy until April 30, 2020


Learning Objectives:

  • Specify how to facilitate and witness Sand Work in play therapy through Jungian theory with adolescents and adults.
  • Have an understanding of the use of symbolic meaning and the use of archetypes in Sand Work in play therapy.
  • Understand how to facilitate growth and healing by offering a safe engagement with the complex in play therapy

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