Rex, Puppets, And Play Therapy


Previously Recorded (Non-Contact)-1 CE.

Presenter: Allan M. Gonsher, LCSW, RPT-S.

Rex ( A tyrannosaurus) has had a formidable presence in Kids-Inc for 35 years. He has been Dr. Fine’s “assistant” for 60 years. Rex is a puppet who has played with kids, hugged them, reprimanded them, and even enjoyed a snack with them. A puppet can have a tremendous impact on our kid population…..and even their families. Learn from a nationally renowned Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Fine. This webinar will help you conceptualize the theory of play with puppets in play therapy. Learn lessons from 60 years of practice by Dr. Fine. This interview by Allan M. Gonsher, with his mentor of 35 years, will challenge you in how ,why, and what you do with puppets. Guaranteed good time and will leave you with ideas.



Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the “theory” of puppet play in play therapy
  • Apply theory to practice in play therapy
  • Leave with several new play therapy “techniques” on how to use puppets