Play Therapy- Middles: The “Working stage” of Assessment, Observation, and Treatment Goals


Previously Recorded (Non-Contact) 2 CEs.

Presenter: Amy Badding, RPT, MS, NCC, LMHC.

This webinar will address issues of Assessment, Observations and Treatment goals in the “Middle…”Working Stages” of play therapy. Often clinicians believe this only takes place in intake. Having the skills to navigate these issues enhance a therapist’s success in helping children. A conceptualization AND application of this knowledge is what this webinar is all about.



Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what Assessment, Observation and Treatment Goals are in the Working Stages of play therapy.
  • Conceptualize these issues within the second stage of treatment in play therapy.
  • Learn to apply skills/techniques of assessing, observing, and establishing ongoing treatment goals in the Middle Stage of treatment in play therapy.