Play Therapy With Sexually Abused Children…….Putting The Pieces Back Together


Previously Recorded (Non-Contact): 60 mins=1NBCC hours

Presenter: Presenter: Amy Hyken-Lande, LSCSW.

When a child has been sexually abused, the world no longer makes sense. This webinar will address how to start the therapeutic process, helping the child gain control, and begin the process of healing in play therapy. It will cover items such as how to build trust in a therapeutic setting, choosing toys for the play room, creating safety, and teaching actual interventions. Discussion about the non-offending parent (if the child was abused by a parent) and other issues related to working with parents.



Learning Objectives:

  • Identify issues related to sexually abused children in play therapy
  • Understanding the process of play therapy for sexually abused children and their parent(s)
  • Learn three play therapy techniques to work with children who have been sexually abused