Play Therapy Odds and Ends: Play Therapy Humility


Previously Recorded (Non-contact) 2 CEs.

Presenter: Allan M. Gonsher, LIMHP, LCSW, RPT-S.

During the Holiday “season” we often forget about children’s challenges in school, family, friends, and within themselves. Depression, anxiety, and ADHD are often diagnosed and treated more heavily during these stressful times. What happened to the joy, fun, and warm feelings that were characteristic during Holiday “seasons”? Watching children in the play room with the use/intervention of defined play therapy techniques can often help children emancipate from difficult relationships, feelings, or behavior.


Learning Objectives:
Participants will learn play therapy techniques which apply to the season.
Participants will understand how play therapy helps families/kids negotiate, express, and communicate during holidays.
Learn the relationship of Play Therapy to humility regarding toys, kids, and families.
Participants will be able to learn play therapy techniques on how to practice humility in the playroom.

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