Non-Traditional Families and Their Caregivers: Divorce and Step-Families in Play Therapy


Previously Recorded (Non-Contact)  2 CEs.

Presenter: Julie Plunkett, LPC, LCPC.

This webinar will discuss the role of caregivers in single and step families. Both scenarios present unique and special challenges for Play Therapists. What are the communication patterns in the family, what are the relationships, how do they negotiate conflicts, what are visitations, and what is the safety of the children with caregivers and sibs and step-sibs. Quite a number of difficult play therapy topics will be discussed in this webinar.


Learning Objectives:

  • Define Divorce, single parenting, and step families
  • Discuss the tensions in all of these intimate relationships in play therapy
  • Explore approaches in play therapy to help families navigate these realities

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