The Doll and the Doll House


(Non-contact) 60 minutes = 1 NBCC hour

Presenter: Allan M. Gonsher, LIMHP, LCSW, RPT-S.
When using toys in a play room one needs to be very aware of symbolism, location, and relationship they have with each other. Toys are not simply “Toys” in Play therapy. When setting up a play room where the Doll House and its dolls are located are a very significant issue. Who chooses the Doll House, what does each movement in the house mean, how is it set up, who talks, what is the symbolism of each piece of furniture, are just some of the topics to be covered in this webinar. Be prepared to be challenged in how you implement Play therapy in relation to the Doll House.



Learning Objectives:
Participants will learn about the theory of Play Therapy
Learn about the “”Larger”” meaning of the Doll House
Learn play therapy techniques on how to engage children in the Doll House


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