The Screaming of Toys!! Clay vs. Play Dough in Play Therapy


Previously Recorded (Non-Contact) 1 CE.
Presenter: Allan M. Gonsher, LIMHP, LCSW, RPT-S.
Often clinicians have toys in their play room that they do not realize screamof things for their clients. What do toys mean? How do we use them? Why do they go from one toy to another? By discussing the use of play dough and clay, we will answer these and more questions about toys. What does Play Therapy say about these toys? Should they be in our playroom? What do we choose, etc.



Learning Objectives:
Participants will learn about a play room and its contents in play therapy.
Illustrations of clay and play dough playing will be shared especially with varying play therapy theories
Development issues, toys playing, and the client/clinician