Bibliotherapy and Play Therapy


(Non-Contact) 120 minutes = 2 NBCC hours

Presenter: Tammi Van Hollander, LCSW, RPT.

Bibliotherapy and play therapy are the perfect combination to create healing in children. Play therapists understand the power of metaphors and storytelling better than most. Children are naturally drawn to both books and play. This webinar will give you the tools to create your own therapeutic library and show you how books & creative interventions can be a powerful healing experience. Bibliotherapy will not only strengthen the relationship between you, your client and family members, it will empower children to work out what is troubling them safely. This webinar will address how books help children make sense of their world. Topics of divorce, loss, anger, trauma and more will be addressed.



Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what bibliotherapy is and why it is a powerful addition to your practice
  • Learn how to create a library of developmentally appropriate book to aid in the healing process in play therapy
  • Participants will learn at least 4 creative bibliotherapy play therapy interventions to use with your clients