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  • Play Therapy or Family Therapy…Which Do I Choose?


    Previously Recorded (Non-contact)-1 CE.
    Presenter: Allan M. Gonsher, LCSW, RPT-S.
    When clinicians decide to see a family and/or work with a child, an immediate decision needs to be made: Do we see the child alone or do we visit with the family? Play Therapists, depending on their training and theoretical bias, will proceed from that vantage point. This webinar will address these initial choices that Play therapists make, explore options in Play Therapy, and provide specific Play Therapy individual/family techniques to help children and their families.

  • Group/Family Play Therapy: What Is It?


    Previously Recorded (Non-Contact)-2 CEs.

    Presenter: Julie Plunkett, LPC, LCPC.

    Group Play Therapy is more complicated than one thinks. Issues of ethics, multicultural challenges, the role of adolescents, directive vs non-directive are all considerations when deciding to implement Group Play Therapy. How a clinician prepares and implements this approach is critical for success. This webinar will certainly challenge those who are considering doing “group therapy”. It is not a time to do “an art project”….repeat…..this is not a time to do “an art project”……It’s much more sophisticated.

  • Divorce and Play Therapy….The Real Challenge for Parents….Divorce and Play Therapy…..The Real Challenge for Children


    Previously Recorded (Non-Contact)-1 CE.

    Presenter: Sabra Starnes

    This webinar will focus on issues of Divorce. Much has been said about its impact on children and the new families created by this event. Discussion of court, a parent refusing to see the clinician, 2nd marriages, multiple divorces and more. Play therapy has a lot to say about these phenomena. References to the Doll House, puppets, and Sand play  are a few of the techniques which will be illustrated in this very worthwhile webinar.

  • Directive/Non-Directive Play therapy: What is its Relationship to Group/Family Play Therapy?


    Previously Recorded (Non-Contact) 2 CEs.

    Presenter: Sabra Starnes, LICSW, LCSW-C, RPT-S.

    The decision to use Directive or Non-Directive Play Therapy is an ongoing debate. Therapists continually debate which approach to use whether it is with individuals, families, or groups. It is no different in Play therapy. A Clinician’s training, experience, and comfort level helps him/her to decide which approach to use. When discussing these modalities in Play Therapy, one needs to understand its relationship to Group Play Therapy.

  • Filial Therapy and Theraplay, How does one Integrate it with Group/Family Therapy


    Non-Contact-2 CEs. Presenter: Sabra Starnes, LICSW, LCSW-C, RPT-S.

    Filial and Theraplay are two very significant contributions to the field of Play Therapy. Defining their approaches, conceptualizing their theories, and implementing them, are all part of this webinar. How they integrate with Group/Family Therapy is a challenge. When to utilize these modalities with children and their families is an art form which will be discussed. The Play room will come alive in this webinar.

Showing all 5 results